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March/April 2008 Fabricator

Measuring spacing stops by hand can be laborious and time-consuming. Is there a better way?

The question of auto-measuring was recently discussed on NOMMA's ListServ. Here, we highlight one system that can solve the issue of measuring between multiple stops.


The initial question on ListServ:

We have a Pirana p-50 Ironworker, and 2000' of 2" x 1" aluminum channel that we need to punch holes for pickets. Anyone have any ideas or pictures of a stop of some kind to set for your spacing between pickets, so we don't have to mark each one by hand. we bought this machine used and didn't receive much tooling with it.

Wade Ranck Eagle Machine & Welding

John Groll, Groll Ornamental Iron, responded that he'd had success with Scotchman's Advanced Measuring System, a series of cutting and punching stops, with his cold saw.

"We have the single stop model on our cold saw, which allows cutting multiple pieces to the exact same length without measuring," explains Groll. "The size can be changed in seconds. They also offer a multiple-stop model that could be used for punching or drilling at different increments. We use our AMS for any job that has more than two same size pieces."

Fabricator asked Scotchman to supply some information about their AMS that could explain in detail the equipment and its capabilities. Here's what they told us:

The Advanced Measuring System (AMS) makes setting your length easy and accurate, the first time. Its versaility allows it to be used with a variety of equipment and applications, such as cut-off saws, radial arm saws, cold saws, punching, shearing, drilling, ironworkers, presses, and woodworking tasks.

The systems are available to feed your material left to right or right to left from 4' to 24' lengths. These patented state-of-the-art Loc Stop and Multi-Loc systems are manufactured using stainless steel investment casting and are guaranteed not to slip.

They can be mounted on almost any metal or wood working machinery.

The patented AMS Loc-Stop System is an industrial measuring device that helps produce greater efficiency, higher productivity, and lower business cost.


The Multi-Loc Stops allow you to set stops at various lengths, thereby maximizing your raw stock without changing your set up each time. These Multi-Loc versions of the AMS Gauging Systems allow you to place multiple stops on the rail as close as 1 inch apart on the Standard System, and 11/2 inches apart on the Heavy Duty System.

Three stops come with each assembly and either system is available in left-hand and right-hand models.

To operate, simply set the stops to your cut list dimensions. Slide the material past the stops you do not want to use, right to the desired setting. Press the material against the fence and the flippers on the stops not used will move away.

Multi-Loc Systems are available in 1/16- inch increments and in standard lengths of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 feet. Longer lengths can be achieved by joining rails together.


Simply squeeze the handle on the Quick-Loc Stop System, slide it into position, and release it. The teeth on the stainless steel stop align themselves to the teeth on the rail to give you exactly the dimension you set. Once in place, the stop cannot slip.

The Quick-Loc version is available in left-hand and right-hand models. Numerous accessories have been designed to customize this system to your special needs. It is available in increments of 1/16- inch, and in standard lengths of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 feet. Longer lengths can be achieved by joining rails together.

The teeth feature allows you to quickly set the Quick-Loc Stop using the built in measure. In seconds, your work station is set up and locked in.

For your information

Here is how AMS works:

  • Simply move the stop to the correct setting and let go. The gauge aligns itself to the dimension you selected. It's as easy as picking up & pressing down the Multi-Loc or sliding the Quick-Loc to the setting.
  • Once set, the teeth guarantee the stop will never slip or move, eliminating miss-measures and waste.
  • The same dimension can be repeated again and again, different operators, different operations, even on different days.
  • Either permanently mounted at your work station or installed on a portable work table for use in the field, they quickly attach to any flat surface with common tools.


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