ShearMaster 610

The ShearMaster 610 is Scotchman's Production Flat Bar Shear. Designed with the high production end-user in mind, this machine combines large capacity with many standard features turning it into a high production shear. The ShearMaster 610 has a 10 horse power motor for fast cycle times and the capability of shearing 1" x 12" base plate and up to 1/2" x 24" flat stock. This shear is capable of 12 full strokes or 30 half strokes per minute.

The Scotchman Advanced Feed System, with programmable stop feature, works as a great addition to the ShearMaster 610.  The AFS turns these shearing machines into fully automatic production machines.

If you need more than just a metal shear, see Scotchman's Hydraulic Ironworker line.

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Standard Features
24" Flat Bar Shear with 4-way Reversible Blades
Shear Table with Miter Fence
Shearing Capacity: 1" x 12", 3/4" x 16", or 1/2" x 24"
Strokes Per Minute: Full Stroke: 12, Half Stroke: 30
Hydraulic Hold-Down
Electric Back Gauge
Electric Stroke Control
Electric Foot Pedal
Two-Stage Hydraulic Pump
10 hp Motor
Electrical Box Supplied with Emergency Palm Button and Lock-out Tag-out Accommodations
230/460 Volt / 3-ph Electrics (must specify voltage)
All Guards Necessary to Comply with ANSI B 11-5 Standards
Forklift Accommodations
Warranty: Three Years on Parts
Made in the USA
Dimensions: W-32", L-48", H-70"
Weight: 3,100 lbs.
led bright light
LED Light

Available on shear station.

ShearMaster 610 with Roller Conveyor
ShearMaster 610 with Roller Conveyor
Advanced Feed System
Advanced Feed System for Fully Automatic Production
10 hp, 1 ph motor