Scotchman CPO 350 PKPD, semi-automatic circular cold saw has a pneumatic power down feed with electric valves and has mitering capabilities of up to 135 degrees; 45 degrees to the right and 90 degrees to the left. This 350 mm precision saw is American-made and features double clamping and self-centering vise for maximum material hold. Scotchman's CPO 350 series of cold saws are powerful machines and can cut through solids, tubing, or pipe and produce burr-free, high-quality, high volume parts. This semi-automatic circular cold saw features electric controls, electric valves, and an electric remote foot pedal. The CPO 350 PKPD is built with dependability and versatility in mind and is backed by our outstanding 3-Year Warranty!

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Standard Features
Semi-Automatic Cycle
Air Operated Power Double Self-Centering Vise Assures Burr-Free Cuts
Pneumatic Power Down Feed with Electric Controls
Emergency Stop Button
Miter Capabilities 45 degrees Left and 45 degrees Right
Miter Locking Devise: Quick, Accurate Setting-Stops at 45 degrees Left, Straight 90 Degrees, and 45 Degrees Right
Capable of Slotting
Two Cutting Speeds (LT 22/44 rpm Or HT 44/88 rpm)
Double Reduction, Hardened and Ground Worm and Wheel Gear Box
Worm Wheel of Top Quality Bronze
Chip Drawer
7 Gallon Coolant Tank with Pump
One 12-1/2" Diameter (315 mm) HSS Blade
One Blade Wrench
One Gallon Concentrated Coolant
230 or 460 Volt /3 Phase Electrics (must specify voltage)
Warranty: Three Years on Parts
Made in USA
Cutting Speeds Must Specify when Ordering
LT(Low Turn) designed for solid mild steel, solid stainless steel & thick wall pipe LT (Low Turn)
22 rpm / 44 rpm
Motor rate:
3 hp
HT(High Turn) designed for thin wall tube .060 wall thickness or thinner and non-ferrous material HT (HighTurn)
44 rpm / 88 rpm
Motor rate:
2.5 hp
VS (Variable Speed) ~ wired 230/460, 3-ph VS (Variable Speed)
11 / 177 rpm
Motor Rate:
5 hp
VS (Variable Speed) ~ wired 220, 1-ph VS (Variable Speed)
11 / 177 rpm
Motor Rate:
5 ph
SS (Single Speed) designed for 220v 1ph applications SS (Single Speed)
44 rpm
Motor Rate:
3 hp


90 Degree
4-1/2" (114 mm)
4-1/4" x 4-1/4" (108 x 108 mm)
5-1/2" x 4" (140 x 102 mm)

90 Degree
2" (51 mm)
2" x 2" (51 x 51 mm)
45 Deg
4" (102 mm)
4" x 4" (102 x 102 mm)

4" x 4" (102 x 102 mm)

45 Deg
1-3/4" (44 mm)
1-3/4" x 1-3/4" (44 x 44 mm)
Factory Wired Specify
208 3 ph
230 3 ph
460 3 ph
575 volt 3 ph 60 hz
220 volt 1 ph 60 hz (SS model only)
Maximum Diameter Blade 350 mm
Arbor Bore 1-9/16" 40 mm
Pin Spacing 4/12/64
Width 21-7/8"
Depth 43-1/2"
Height not including handle 56-1/4"
Height from floor to vise 37-7/16"
Shipping Weight 760 lbs. (344 kg)
SG Stop System
RG Digital Quick Stop

Available in 8' and 12' lengths. This Digital Quick Stop is an entry level programmable sop. It is priced right, yet very durable. Setup is as easy as entering the desired cut length and pressing go!

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Blade Guide Laser Light
Laser Saw Guide

This industrial grade laser light for circular cold saws minimizes set-up time and ensures the material is being sawed to the correct length and squareness by helping the operator see the line marked for cutting.

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Special Clamping Fixture
Special Clamping Fixture
Miter Locking Device
Miter Locking Device

STANDARD FEATURE (not available for 275 PK or 275 PKPD models)

Variable Speed Control
Variable Speed Control

Recommended for cutting multiple shapes, sizes and thicknesses. RPM can be fine tuned to achieve optimum blade speed for each application, and increase blade life.

Square Tube Jaws
Square Tube Jaws
60" or 120" Material Stop Roller Conveyor Mounted with an Advanced Measuring Quick-Loc System

Designed for quick, easy and accurate length setting. Available left to right or right to left material feed.

10' & 20' Material Supply Track
Cold Saw Blades

Cold Saw Blades
Scotchman offers a complete selection of saw blades in stock for immediate delivery.

Cold Saw Blade Sharpening
Scotchman offers a fast, high-quality blade sharpening service and will grind blades with special tooth number.