Scotchman Industries

PressPro 176MT

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This 176 ton press has a movable press frame which allows for overhead loading of heavy workpieces and is ideal for the straightening of large sheets and structures. Easily slide the ram head from side to side and move the press frame forward and back to access all different points of the work surface. Thanks to the movable frame and movable cylinder design you can easily reach every point of the ‘to be pressed’ surface. Movement of the ram cylinder and press frame are done manually.

The quality of these hydraulic straightening presses is very high and the hydraulic unit is equipped with a pressure regulator, 2 speeds, joystick and a hand pump for precision pressing. 

Meets CE Standards, manufactured in the USA, and comes with our 3-year warranty.

STD Features

  • Heavy duty all-steel construction
  • Industrial grade hydraulic system
  • Movable press frame feature allows for overhead loading of heavy workpieces
  • Ram head slides easily from side to side;
    press frame moves forward & back
  • 3 Ram speeds
  • Cylinder extension to reach table
  • Joystick operation with hand pump option
  • Removable ram cap to accept a variety of tooling
  • Pressure gauge to monitor force
  • Meets CE standards
  • Warranty: Three years on parts
  • Made in the USA