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"Scotchman has exceeded my every expectation. Durability, customer service, and quality are superb. Homegrown business making machines in the U.S.A."
Andrew Petty | Petty Welding
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The Scotchman Cold Saw line is complete with both ferrous and non-ferrous machines, manual to fully automatic, and is capable of cutting straight or angled cuts.

Circular Cold Saws

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A Circular Cold Cut Saw is the best machine for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials. For ferrous material, this unique type of cutting turns the blade at a very low RPM, similar to a milling process, giving a FAST, precise, burr-free cut without heat or sparks.

Contact our saw specialists to discuss your sawing application and we will work to get you into the perfect machine for your needs.

This is where it's at y'all. I'm a self confessed tool snob and I'm not gonna get all chatty kathy on this page about products I don't count on everyday, I'll say this, Scotchman Ind. has exceeded every expectation I had in deciding to go with them. Durability, customer service, and quality are superb. Homegrown business making machines in the U.S.A. Also, and you can disagree with me if you like, they don't post up fake and artificially enhanced women at FABTECH to sell Ironworkers. That fact alone heavily swayed my opinion to go with Scotchman. If you gotta use silicone to sell machines you've put your company culture and marketing interests in the wrong place.
Andrew Petty | Petty Welding
Knoxville, TN
I love this beast!
Christian Sosa | Sosa Metalworks

We've had many years of reliability with our Scotchman Cold Saw, 20 years to be exact. Its a workhorse and we love it!

Jason Northup | McCombs Steel

Our Scotchman cold saw & drill combo is one of the most consistently buys tools in the shop. Frem bar stock cutting for the mills to cutting and drilling washers -- it is always putting in the work!

Michael Baryla | Olmar Supply Inc
Livermore, CA


Scotchman offers a complete selection of cold saw blades in-stock for immediate delivery. Our in-house blade sharpening service provides high-quality and consistent results with a quick turnaround time.



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Scotchman is an American manufacturer with a worldwide reputation with over 50 years of dependable products, superior craftsmanship, high-quality machinery, and excellent customer service.