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A Fully-Integrated Ironworker features built-in tools and is best suited for repetitive operations, and higher volume projects.

The fully integrated 85-ton ironworker has an 85-ton punch capacity, which can punch a 1-1/16" hole in 1" mild steel. 

The FI 8510-20M is made in America with many standard features that include: 6" x 6" x 1/2" angle shear, rod shear that will shear 1-1/2" round and 1-1/4" square rod, and a rectangular notcher that can notch 3" x 5" x 1/2". The 20" flat bar shear features a low rake angle with the ability to shear up to 1" x 12" and 3/4" x 20" material. This machine also comes standard with an electric remote foot pedal, jog control, keyed punch ram, punch gauging table with fence and scale, shear table & miter fence, notcher table with guide and scale. The FI85 can accept optional tooling equipment such as press brakes, tube shear, picket tool, and special custom-built tooling.

This American-made ironworker is built tough and utilizes a two-stage hydraulic pump system with electric valves & remote foot pedal for ease of use, an adjustable electric stroke control with scale, and is backed by Scotchman’s industry leading 3-Year Warranty and lifetime customer support!

STD Features

  • Single Operator, 5 Stations
  • 85 Ton punch station
  • Keyed punch ram for safety
  • Punch gauging table with fence and scale
  • Die holder complete with 2" die insert
  • Punch nut with wrench & stripper
  • Adjustable swing-away stripper
  • One round punch & die: max. diameter 1-1/4"
  • LED work lights now standard equipment!
  • Punch jog control
  • Adjustable electric stroke control with scale
  • Electric remote foot pedal
  • Slug-less angle shear
  • Flat bar shear
  • Shear table with miter fence
  • Rod shear
  • Slug receptacles
  • Rectangle notcher with table, scale and guide
  • Two-stage hydraulic pump
  • Electrical box supplied with emergency palm button and lock-out tag-out accommodations
  • All guards necessary to comply with ANSI B11.5 safety standards
  • Forklift accommodations
  • Warranty: Three years on parts
  • Made in USA

Optional Tooling:

Pipe Notcher - All IW Models
Picket tool
Unistrut Shear
Weld Coupon Bender - FI85 & DO85
Punch Table Ext. - XL models
SPECIAL Custom Tooling
24" x 5' conveyor w/Angle Iron Support - FI85 & DO85
Multi-Loc Punch Gauging Table - 36" & 85" extensions - XL Models
Brake Table w/Scale & Squaring Arm - XL models - XL Models - 12" & 24" brakes
Hydraulic Hold Down
Offset Die Holder - XL Models
Urethane Stripper - XL Models
Channel Shear - XL Models
12" Brake - XL Models
Laser Light - Bar Shear - XL models
48" Back Gauge
90° V-Notcher - FI85
Open End Brake - XL Models
Econ P&D Package - XL Models
Dlx P&D Pack - XL Models
Square Tube Shear - XL Models