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Porta Fab 45

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It's portable, versatile, and designed for in-plant or on-the-job operation!

With a 45-ton punching capacity, this ironworker can punch 1-1/8" hole through 1/2" mild steel and runs on 110-volt power from your standard wall outlet or generator. A 3-in-1 combination tool consisting of a flat bar shear, rod shear, and an angle shear comes standard and is located in our unique tool table area. This versatile workstation allows additional tooling to be easily swapped in and out so you can customize the machine to fit your needs.

This American-made ironworker is built tough and utilizes a hydraulic system with electric valve and remote foot pedal for ease of use, an adjustable electric stroke control with scale, and is backed by Scotchman’s industry leading 3-Year Warranty.

STD Features

  • Single Operator, 4 Stations
  • Designed to be portable for job-site operation
  • 45 Ton punch station
  • Keyed punch ram for safety
  • 2" Die holder
  • Punch nut with wrench & stripper
  • One round punch & die: max. diameter 1"
  • Adjustable electric stroke control with scale
  • Electric remote foot pedal
  • Three-in-One Combination Tool: Angle Shear, Bar Shear & Rod Shear
  • Tool table work area
  • Slug receptacle
  • Machine stand with punch & die and tooling storage rack
  • All guards necessary to comply with ANSI B11.5 Safety Standards
  • Warranty: Three years on parts
  • Made in the USA

Optional Tooling:

Snap Ring Removal-PF45, 50C & 50T
Pipe Notcher - All IW Models
8" Brake - PF45, 50C & 50T
Weld Coupon Bender - PF45d
Picket tool
Unistrut Shear
LED Lights - PF45
Brake Table w/Scale & Squaring Arm - PF45, 50C & 50T
Square Tube Shear - PF45, 50C, 50T
30" Material Stop -PF45
Rod Shear-5 cavity 45-50ton
90° V-Notcher - PF45, 50C & 50T
Open End Brake - PF45, 50C & 50T
12" Brake - PF45, 50C & 50T
6" Brake - PF45, 50C & 50T
Econ P&D Package - PF45, 50C & 50T
Dlx P&D Pack - PF45, 50C, 50T
Brake Length Gauge w/Scale - ALL Models
Rectangle Notcher - PF45