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Simply press down the stainless-steel stops at various lengths along the rail so you're not changing the set-up each time. Multiple stops can be placed on the rail as close to 1" apart using the Standard Stops, and 1-1/2" apart using the Heavy Duty Stops.

Three stops come standard with each multi-Loc System.


STD Features

  • System includes: Rail, 3 Stops (Standard or Heavy Duty), Measuring Tape & Mounting Hardware
  • Patented Loc-Stop System is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and provides a guarantee with teeth
  • Teeth on the rail are in 1/16" increments
  • The teeth on the stainless-steel stop align themselves to the teeth on the rail, to give you the exact measurement you set
  • Guaranteed not to slip - In seconds, your work station is set up and locked in
  • 3 Stops - standard stops (as close as 1" apart) or heavy duty stops (as close as 1-1/2" apart)
  • Adaptable to almost ANY type of machinery
  • Made in the USA