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STD Features

  • Produces gap-free fits ready for welding
  • Ideal for stainless & aluminum -- 40% faster than AL150!
  • Grinds notches of any desired angle from 90 degrees to 20 degrees in seconds
  • Two Axis Precision Crossfeed Table with Both Handwheels and Hand Lever Feed Handle
  • Smooth operation with minimal vibration
  • Heavy duty frame and base construction
  • Base has two built-in racks to store mandrels
  • Mandrel centerline adjustment
  • One vise holds all pipe and tube sizes
  • High-speed parts grinder in rear creates a multifunctional machine
  • Produces less heat, decreasing discoloration
  • Easy setup with vise graduated in degrees
  • 17 Mandrel sizes available to ensure correct gap-free fits
  • Supplied with 2 belts and two pipe mandrels (1-1/4" & 1-1/2")
  • Tool-free belt and mandrel change over for easy transition
  • Warranty: Three years on parts
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands

Optional Tooling: