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CPO 350 AutoLoader

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Our CPO 350 Auto Loader is a fully automatic sawing system guaranteed to save time, reduce scrap and eliminate costly mistakes. Automatically run unlimited cut lists at 90° OR miter cut in a semi-automatic mode; consistently producing accurate cut lengths within ±0.002 per dia. inch in squareness.

We've taken our trusted semi-automatic CPO 350 PKPD variable speed saw and added an automatic material loading system creating a fully automatic sawing system which can cut multiple lengths of tube (max 3" dia.). This saw can run unlimited cut lists from 1/2 inch to 23 feet in length.

Available for ferrous and non-ferrous materials; this saw comes standard with a Windows® based touch screen control, 5ph variable rpm speed motor, and a 315mm diameter blade.

This saw is Proudly made in the USA and is built for industrial use and comes with lifetime customer support.


STD Features

  • Fully automatic cycle or semi-automatic operation (available In ferrous or non-ferrous)
  • Pneumatic power down feed with electric controls
  • Adjustable stroke control
  • Adjustable down feed control on the saw head for feed rate
  • Air operated material vise clamp
  • Clamping on both sides of the blade
  • Fixed rear vise
  • Double reduction, hardened and ground worm and wheel gear box (ferrous model)
  • Chip drawer
  • Emergency stop button
  • Clear awareness barrier with safety interlock switch
  • Mist coolant lubrication system
  • Miter in one direction only (manually)
  • Semi-auto operation is standard for cutting miters
  • Automatic loading & trim cut of each new bar
  • Piece counter
  • Touch screen controls actuate the complete cycle
  • Windows base software (includes profile screen)
  • Unlimited job storage
  • Infeed table type: Bundle Loader or Supply Track
  • One saw blade
  • One gallon coolant
  • Complies with ANSI B11.10 safety standards
  • Warranty: Two years on parts (CPO saw)
  • Warranty: One year on parts (feed system)
  • Made in USA

Optional Tooling: