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CPO 350 NF

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This powerful American-made Circular Cold Saw is built to last and is the perfect machine for any fabrication shop cutting non-ferrous materials like aluminum, plastic, copper, etc.

The CPO350 NF coldsaw is designed to make extremely fast and accurate cuts through metal and features a double clamping and self-centering vise for maximum hold and provides burr-free, high quality, volume parts.

It has 180 degree mitering ability and a miter-locking device which automatically stops at 45 degrees left, 90 degrees straight, and 45 degrees right, and can slot and notch. Accuracy within 1° of mitering and a squareness tolerance of ±0.002 per diameter inch in height, the real payoff for this machine is fast, clean and extremely accurate cuts.

Additional machine features include a chip drawer, mist coolant lubrication system, a 3,000 rpm motor and utilizes up to a 14" diameter (350mm) carbide tipped sawblade giving it the ability to cut 4-1/2" OD max round tube and 3" max round or square solid at 90 degrees. The CPO 350NF saw is built with dependability and versatility in mind, with the quality you expect from a Scotchman; always backed by our 3-Year Warranty and lifetime customer support!

Pair this machine with a Scotchman digital measuring system to automate the measuring process; simply enter the desired length on the touchscreen and the stop will automatically move to the correct length. 

STD Features

  • Manual double self-centering vise assures burr-free cuts
  • Operator controlled trigger switch
  • Miter capabilities 45 degrees left to 45 degrees right
  • Miter locking device: Quick, accurate settings-stops at 45 degrees left, 90 degrees, and 45 degrees right
  • Capable of slotting
  • Positive-driven cogged belt system
  • Chip drawer
  • Mist coolant lubrication system
  • One 350 mm diameter carbide-tipped blade
  • One blade wrench
  • One gallon coolant
  • Complies with ANSI B11.10 safety standards
  • Warranty: Three years on parts
  • Made in USA

Optional Tooling: