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SUP-600 AngleMaster

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This sawing system is a true production saw - a 'must see' for the aluminum extrusion market!

The SUP-600 NF saw is a large capacity mitering up-cut circular cold saw designed specifically for cutting non-ferrous material. Featuring a 24" (600 mm), 132 tooth carbide blade, it is capable of producing burr free cuts on round material up to 8" in diameter, square material up to 7" and rectangular cuts up to 9" x 5". 

This precision up-cut saw coupled with our AngleMaster digital material positioning system, creates a semi-automatic programmable saw system that will automatically rotate to cut any angle, push feed material into the saw, then automatically rotate to the next desired angle giving you a completely finished part. Plus, cut lists can be stored on its touch screen control.

Standard features include an adjustable feed rate, mitering degree range of 22° to 159°, two horizontal and two vertical pneumatic clamps to secure material being cut, and a 4-3/4" port for chip collection plus a drawer under the bottom of the saw. 

STD Features

  • The AngleMaster system push feeds your stock into the miter saw and automatically rotates to the next desired angle.
  • Non-ferrous semi-automatic saw
  • Mitering degree range 22 degree to 159 degree
  • Touch screen controls
  • Windows based software (includes profile screen)
  • Unlimited job storage
  • Powered safety hood with safety interlock switch
  • Blade door with safety interlock switch
  • Dual palm buttons
  • Adjustable feed rate on saw head
  • Two horizontal pneumatic clamps
  • Two vertical pneumatic clamps
  • Capable of slotting
  • One gallon coolant
  • Mist coolant lubrication system
  • One 600 mm diameter, 132-tooth carbide blade
  • One blade wrench
  • Air hose
  • Chip collection drawer in base and a 4-3/4" chip collection port
  • Adjustable leveling pads
  • Meets CE standards
  • Warranty: Two years on parts (SUP saw)
  • Warranty: One year on parts (feed system)
  • Saw made in Spain / Feed System made in USA

Optional Tooling: