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"Scotchman has exceeded my every expectation. Durability, customer service, and quality are superb. Homegrown business making machines in the U.S.A."
Andrew Petty | Petty Welding
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Scotchman is a GSA Contract Holder and advocate for High School shop class & trade schools. Contact us for more information about our educational discounts or government pricing.


We believe that building an interest for manufacturing and the trades among our Nation's youth is vital to the future of our country and American manufacturing.

We offer a 10% educational discount to all high school shop classes, trade schools, and adult education programs to help teachers equip their shops with real world equipment to inspire their students to build a future in metal working.

Yearly lease-purchase financing plans are also available to help schools get the equipment they need when they need it.

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Scotchman is an approved GSA Schedule Contract Holder.

Nearly every model of our metal fabricating equipment is GSA approved and can be found on the GSA Advantage Website

If you have questions, would like a price quote, or want to speak to us about this program please email or call us at
800-843-8844 / 605-859-2542

This is where it's at y'all. I'm a self confessed tool snob and I'm not gonna get all chatty kathy on this page about products I don't count on everyday, I'll say this, Scotchman Ind. has exceeded every expectation I had in deciding to go with them. Durability, customer service, and quality are superb. Homegrown business making machines in the U.S.A. Also, and you can disagree with me if you like, they don't post up fake and artificially enhanced women at FABTECH to sell Ironworkers. That fact alone heavily swayed my opinion to go with Scotchman. If you gotta use silicone to sell machines you've put your company culture and marketing interests in the wrong place.
Andrew Petty | Petty Welding
Knoxville, TN
I've been running a 100-ton Scotchman ironworker for over 20 years. Truely a great machine to run, and I'm proud to run an American made machine that never lets me down. Thank you Scotchman
Robert Nelson |
The utmost in quality equipment with unmatched customer service.
Birdman The Welder
I greatly appreciate the time you guys are able to spend working with the customer and exceeding my expectations time & time again. Amazing equipment & machines that I am grateful to be able to invest in. I've always used Scotchman machines, and I like to invest in a company who I know stands behind the products they produce. I know each machine I buy from Scotchman will exceed my expectations as they always have in the past!
Sean Lucas | Innovative Fabrication & Design
Atco, NJ
I had a Scotchman 50514-EC delivered to my school last week. I was finally able to use the machine yesterday afternoon and I absolutely love it! This ironworker is going to be a tremendous help in my classroom and will save me so much time cutting materials. Thank you for making such a wonderful piece of machinery.
Chris Champagne | Santa Teresa High School
Santa Teresa, NM
Congratulations to all at Scotchman for being a tremendous manufacturer of the best metal fabricating equipment. Thank you for supporting career technical education with your donation to John Handley High School. And for making the products that help make America. Your investment in the future of manufacturing is much appreciated.
Scott Weaver | Norco Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT
I purchased my 5014-CM in 2005 and we have used & abused it every day since. This thing is bullet proof and has been one of the best investments I have ever made! Before purchasing I looked at two other competitors, but chose the Scotchman because of the over arm feature. We use the 12" brake for quite a few of our formed parts and this machine is very easy to change between punching operations and the brake. Whenever I call Scotchman for replacement punches or special tooling they normally get my parts shipped that same day and at very reasonable prices. Everything about Scotchman is about old school value and quality. After getting to meet Jerry, his family and quite a few of his employees, I am extremely proud to have one of his machines in my plant and will own a Scotchman saw when it is time to replace my Hyd-Mech. Keep up the good work guys, you make buying American the great experience it should always be.
Rob Brakhage | Wheeldock LLC
Stillwater OK
This fall will be the start of my 31st year teaching welding at Bismarck State College. I have spent 30 years teaching college students and building trades apprenticeship welding. This year I will switch from on campus to industry training, using our mobile welding lab. I have used Scotchman equipment since day one, and know that it stands up to the test booth in the school and in industry. Thus, I highly recommend it to schools and industry.
Ken Paulus | Bismarck State College
Bismarck, ND
We have two pieces of Scotchman equipment (ironworker & cold saw) at the CSMS in Red House WV. We are a National Guard repair center for the state of WV and all of the fabrication comes through our shop. We like the heavy, well-built quality of Scotchman machines, not at all like the junk from Taiwan or China. Keep up that fine US quality!
| National Guard Repair Center of West Virginia
The Porta Fab 45 is the best piece of equipment that I have bought in my 8 years of teaching.Since we bought the ironworker, the use of oxygen with the torch has decreases to less than half of what we usually used. I love everything about this machine! It's easy to use, makes precise cuts, is dependable, and most of all it is very safe. The Scotchman Porta Fab 45 ironworker makes my job 100 times easier. Many of my students say, "I wish my dad's shop had one of these!".
Andrew Fritsch | Bourbon County High School
Paris, KY
I have seen your ironworkers at industrial tool shows and wanted to get one for our shop for years. When we finally got one it far surpassed our expectations -- we save time, money, and material. The 3-station turret punch has saved us a lot of time and money on drill bits. I would recommend this piece of equipment to any shop wanting to make fabrication faster, easier, and safer.
Ron Scouton | Spokane Transit Authority
Spokane, WA
Working within the public school system often leaves me faced with having to operate on a very small annual budget. Often, I have little choice but to purchase import machinery and end up disappointed in the quality. This year, with the assistance of additional grant dollars, I was able to purchase a Scotchman Porta Fab 45 Ironworker. My students and I have been incredibly impressed with the quality of workmanship, design and instructional material that accompanied the machine. It is refreshing to be able to use machinery of this quality and to speak with knowledgeable, friendly support staff. Thank you for your high standards and excellent quality all around!
Eric Frey | Moffat Consolidated School District #2
Moffat, CO
I bought a used 50-ton ironworker (built in 1980) and love that Scotchman still supports this 41 year old machine with parts & tooling. The machine still works like new. I worked on fabrication and repair for 30 years before starting my own business 6 years ago, and after getting my ironworker I think back to all the times this machine would have saved so much time and labor. They really do pay for themselves and hold their value very well.
Tim Smith | Tim Smith Custom Service
This is an excellent multi-purpose machine that is powerful, easy to use, and very very very resilient. I have 50+ year old Scotchman ironworker that still runs great. It's an excellent machine that can do all kinds of things, and most importantly, is built well enough to handle the rigors of HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Anybody who knows anything about teenage boys knows that they are much rougher on machinery than the worse that can happen in the field.
Mark Sargent | Auburn High School
Our 50-ton ironworker saves a lot of time in the classroom and allows us to cut more material more accurately.
Tim Sherwood | Mansfield ISA - Ben Barber Careet Tech. Academy
This machine paid for itself by punching the thousands of holes through stainless steel 1/8" belts for the boiler we made for the Henry Ford Museum in the outdoor PlayScape theme park. It does everything we need and more.
Roger Kremers | ROKS Custom Electronics & Fabrication LLC

If you are looking for excellence, then look no further. If thousands of HS students can learn on these machines and not break it... then it's a SOLID product!!
I have built a HS Welding/Ag Mech program up from nothing by using Scotchman products. I have taught kids to run two bandsaws, a cold saw and an ironworker during the past decades.  My students and I are proud to support Scotchman as the best in the game, and our top choice in the metal fabrication equipment arena!! 

Dorman Vick | Samuel V Champion High School
Pipe Creek, TX

The ironworker is great for having kids get their material quickly and safely.

Jim Lotspeich | Platte Valley High School
Kersey, CO