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Cold Saw for Sale: The CPO 350


If you want to add precision and accuracy to your shop processes, Scotchman cold saws are your number one option. The CPO 350 is one of our top saws. 

Like all Scotchman cold saws, the CPO 350 is an excellent tool for cutting both ferrous (steel, iron) and non-ferrous (aluminum, brass, copper) materials. This American-made machine features a double clamping and self-centering vise that provides burr-free, high quality, volume parts.

Scotchman is the largest U.S. manufacturer of circular cold saws. Our cold saws are available in manual to fully automatic, and are capable of straight or angled cuts.

CPO 350: What Can It Do? 

The CPO 350 can miter a full 180 degrees, unlike competitors' cold saws! The CPO 350 features a miter-locking device that automatically stops at 45 degrees left, 90 degrees straight, and 45 degrees right, giving it the ability to slot and notch. Additional features include:

  • chip drawer
  • a double reduction gearbox
  • a two-speed motor which utilizes up to a 14” diameter blade
  • 7-gallon coolant tank with pump 
  • operator controlled trigger switch 
  • worm wheel of top-quality bronze
  • 3-year parts warranty 

Options for the CPO 350

Customize your CPO 350 saw with the optional laser saw guide, which is an industrial-grade laser light that minimizes set-up time and ensures the material is sawed to the correct length and squareness by helping the operator see the line marked for cutting. This feature will increase your productivity, as the laser makes lining up and cutting to your desired length much easier. You can also add alternate clamping fixtures to customize the saw for your specific application. One more option to add to your cold saw package is a measuring system that will save time and minimize cutting errors. Add a manual measuring system to increase accuracy or add automation to your process. 

Want to see what the CPO 350 and our other cold saws can do? Sign up for a free demonstration below. We'll come to your home or business and show you.  



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