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FABTECH 2018: Scotchman Machines at the Show

Cold saw August 15, 2018

fabtech 18 blog

Scotchman is revving up to return to the biggest metal fabrication industry event in North America, this year held in Atlanta, Georgia.  

At FABTECH 2018, we will be demonstrating several models of our trusted metal fabricating machinery, as well as featuring automating solutions you can use to propel your business further.

Scotchman is coming to the ATL

We want you to come see us for FREE in Atlanta, GA this November at #FABTECH18! Go to and use the promo code: 10005718 to receive your FREE expo pass courtesy of Scotchman Industries.

Scotchman FABTECH 2018 Guest Pass

Scotchman's FABTECH 2018 Machines

If you're in the metal fabrication industry, attending FABTECH is a must! Come to learn how each piece of Scotchman equipment can improve your shop's production and meet all your fabricating needs. Stop by Scotchman Industries' booth #B8829, at FABTECH 2018 for your personalized demonstration.

We love to meet fabricators face-to-face and demonstrate our quality machinery and fabricating solutions. There is no better place to do this than on the show floor. Don’t forget to ask about our show special! The money you'll save will be worth it.

But, there's more happening here than just what is on the show floor. Take advantage of the many educational & networking events offered by FABTECH, or take-a-look at this list of 50 fun things to do in Atlanta and start making your must-do list.

Circular Cold Saws

Scotchman Industries is the largest circular cold cut saw manufacturer in America, and we are excited to be demonstrating even more automatic sawing solutions than ever before! You won't want to miss the debut of our newest automatic saw this November in Atlanta.

Of course we're bringing our SUP-600 non-ferrous saw, which is fully automatic and ready to increase your bottom line.

Our AngleMaster automated measuring system coupled with the SUP 600 NF upcut saw creates a semi-automatic programmable sawing unit. This saw will give you a completely finished part. It automatically rotates to any cut angle, pushes material into the saw, then automatically rotates to the next desired angle. Plus, you can store your cut lists on its 17" touch screen control. A MUST SEE for the aluminum extrusion market!

GAA-500-90-DT20-CNCGo LEAN with our multi-function production saw, the GAA-500-90 DT20 CNC. See this machine cut, drill, & tap LIVE at #FABTECH18. The GAA-500 90 is a large capacity upcut automatic saw for cutting non-ferrous materials at 90°.

This saw uses a shuttle feed design and has an adjustable vertical and horizontal clamping system allowing it to fit almost any profile up to 6". The GAA 500 is available with a Drill Tap (DT20) option &/or a CNC option giving it the ability to drill and tap holes up to 20mm with a single spindle drill, or add a multi-spindle drill to finish multiple holes at one time.

Make thousands of clips fast with Scotchman's GAA-500-90 DT20 CNC saw; a true production saw!


Scotchman manufactures a full line of hydraulic ironworkers ranging from 45 to 150 tons of punching power and are 100% American-made; built at our South Dakota factory for over 50 years. We take great pride in being an American manufacturer & importer of excellent quality products.

As always, we'll be showcasing our versatile, dependable, and world renowned American Made ironworkers. Our 50-ton iron worker models, the 50514-EC and our 5014ET, have five separate work stations and can punch a 13/16″ hole in a 3/4″ plate. Additional standard features include: angle shear, flat bar shear, rectangle notcher, & are backed by their Best-in-the-Business, 3-Year Warranty.

Take your ironworker to the next level and trust your material is accurately positioned every single time when you couple it with one of our state-of-the-art automated material handling systems. Together with RazorGage technology, we have turned the Scotchman iron worker into a production machine. Investing in this quality component will eliminate waste, reduce scrap, and increase your efficiency at the punch station.

Complete List of Scotchman Machines Coming to FABTECH18

Find your automation solution at this years show. Scotchman offers a full line of sawing solutions for ferrous & non-ferrous material, from manual to fully automatic in both pivot to upcut designs. Below is the list of saws we will be demonstrating at this year's show in booth #B8829:

Here's our list of Ironworker models going to FABTECH 2018:

See You in Atlanta!

If you aren't already signed up, get yourself registered for this metal fabrication event of the year. Don't forget to use promo code: 10005718 for a FREE expo pass. 

Not able to make it to Atlanta for FABTECH 2018? We're happy to offer you an on-site demo of the product you're considering or check us out on YouTube.



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