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How Sawing & Custom Automation Improve Metal Fabrication

Cold saw October 6, 2016

Automated Metal Fabrication Solutions, Made in America

Sawing automation is changing the way we work with metal. Even for small businesses and hobbyists, automation is increasing productivity and efficiency.

At Scotchman Industries, we're proud to be on the front end of automation options for the metal fabrication industry. That's why we featured many of our automatic cold saws at IMTS 2016 and will do the same at this year's FABTECH show. 

As custom automation has improved and become more affordable, the incentive to forego technology has dropped.

In an interview with IMTS, Grob president of sales in the Americas, Christian Muller said, "If a customer wants to be successful today in the production world, automation needs to be a part of it."

If you're purchasing a new cold saw, selecting an automatic model is an investment in the accuracy of every cut it makes.

Moving Beyond Rigid Technology

A "rigid" machine is limited in its use, and shops relying on them won't be able to keep up with the productivity of automatic machines. The modern worker needs machines that are versatile and dependable, allowing them to be used on various fabricating applications and projects. Adding saw automation is an investment in efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.

What We're Bringing to FABTECH 2016

Custom automation in a metal-working machine means combining the reliable efficiency of your machine with your intuition.

As technology advances, human error in manufacturing becomes more and more visible every day. By reducing the hands-on influence of human beings in your projects, you remove human error and increase the safety of your workers.

We are not suggesting that you replace human workers with automation, but rather help them consistently produce more accurate results in a more efficient way. Adding automation to your metal fabrication business will ultimately make everything you do more cost-effective.

Meeting Sawing Automation Needs in the U.S.

As Muller said in his interview, today's manufacturers need automation to stay in the game.

"Productivity is a word that needs to be in every mouth, because today the competition is not only local in America," he said. "The competition is global."

That's why Scotchman Industries is constantly evolving to offer the best solutions to the needs of the metal fabrication industry. Our advancements in sawing automation offer an exciting step forward for the productivity of our customers.

Click below to shop automatic cold saws, or learn more about the versatile machines we'll be demonstrating in Las Vegas for FABTECH 2016.



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