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Ironworkers for Sale: Time Saved with an Ironworker

Ironworker December 7, 2015


Ironworkers are the workhorses of the metal fabrication industry, excelling at drilling, punching, shearing and bending metal. Whether you run a small business or large corporation, an ironworker can save you a ton of time, especially if it is replacing an old-fashioned drill press.

A Leg Up on the Drill Press

If you run a drill press in your shop, you should consider the time you'll save and accuracy you'll achieve by replacing it with an ironworker, which also has unparalleled shearing and bending capabilities. If you have a Scotchman ironworker, you can punch, shear or bend metal in seconds. You can also switch functions quickly -- going from shearing to bending in a just 30 seconds.

So how does an ironworker match up with a standard drill press, pound for pound?


An ironworker can punch holes 10 times faster than a drill press. Think about that. It can take up to eight steps to measure and drill a hole with a drill press. By the time you measure, clamp and set your drill bit, an ironworker could have already punched at least 10scotchman-close-up-ironworkers-for-sale.jpg holes.

Scotchman ironworkers are shipped directly from our facility in Philip, S.D. full of hydraulic fluid and ready to use out of the box. Want to punch a hole? Set the punch/shearing handle, move your safety guards into place, place the metal under the punch and you're ready to rock.

Push the foot pedal and your ironworker will punch a nice clean hole in the time it takes to staple two pieces of paper together.

Click here for a demonstration of this process. No painstakingly slow drilling -- just a simple punch with your foot and you're finished.


If you run your business like we do, you know that keeping customers happy is a top priority. And what customer would be happy with a sloppy, innaccurately measured product? Scotchman ironworkers are standouts among metal fabrication tools and produce clean, accurate punches and cuts.

If you are looking to automate your processes even more, add one of our optional programmable stop systems. Read more about these systems here


Because you can punch holes 10 times faster with a Scotchman ironworker, you'll save hundreds of hours of time and labor.When you start calculating the man hours your new machine saved you, you can quickly pay off your ironworker. There's also the matter of equipment costs. You can punch 3,000 to 5,000 holes with a $36 Scotchman punch and die set. A drill bit will get you a few hundred holes before it gets dull. Then you'll have to replace it, costing you more time and money. 

Other Ironworker Tasks

An ironworker will save you tons of time on the drilling table, but it can also help you in other areas of your shop.



Scotchman ironworkers will precisely shear a one-inch thick piece of metal in four seconds, which makes cutting metal a breeze. (You can also use a Scotchman circular cold saw for this task).


A Scotchman ironworker can bend metal in seconds. Bending metal is no easy task. Without and ironworker, metal is bent manually with a torch, which is time consuming and lacks accuracy. 

Scotchman: Made in the U.S.A. and Fully Guaranteed

Think about the needs of your business. How much time could an ironworker save you? Read our whitepaper for more information before you look for ironworkers for sale 

Scotchman offers a complete line of American-made hydraulic ironworkers from 45 to 150 tons in three distinctive styles:

  1. Component Tool Table Design
  2. Fully Integrated
  3. Dual Operator 

Click below to shop Scotchman ironworkers.  



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