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The Metal Fabricating Machines We're Bringing to FABTECH 2016

Cold saw August 26, 2016

Scotchman Industries The Solution Preferred by Metal Fabricators

What happens in Vegas could revolutionize the way your shop works metal.

We're gearing up for FABTECH 2016, the biggest metal fabrication industry event in North America, and we hope you are too. This year, FABTECH will be in Las Vegas, Nevada, and promises to be bigger than ever.

So, what will Scotchman have in store for the gambling capital of the world? We don't want to give everything away, but here's a sneak peak at which machines we'll have on display in Sin City.

Why You Should Stop at Scotchman's FABTECH Booth

For FABTECH 2016, Scotchman Industries will be set up at booth C24047 to demonstrate all the shearing, cutting, punching, notching, and metal fabricating capabilities of our industry-leading products.

You won't want to miss the new metal fabricating solutions at our booth!

There will be live demonstrations of our most powerful ironworkers, our game-changing automatic cold saws, and more. If you've never seen how versatile and efficient a Scotchman ironworker is, that is reason enough to stop by.

For our returning customers and friends, Jerry and the gang will be on hand to answer any questions you have and discuss some specifics of your fabricating needs. They will also be showing some of our newest automation options designed to increase your productivity. It's the perfect place to get thinking about the best solutions for your shop.

Now, on to what we're bringing...

Scotchman's FABTECH 2016 Lineup

As far as the metal fabrication industry goes, FABTECH is your chance to see the best-of-the-best. That's why we aren't holding back on the assortment of Scotchman machines you'll have the chance to check out in Las Vegas.


To put it simply, a Scotchman ironworker is the smart way to fabricate metal.

When you visit our FABTECH booth, we'll show you how easy it is to punch, shear, and bend metal using our classic machines. The versatility and convenience of a Scotchman ironworker promotes efficiency throughout any job.

Scotchman 50514 CM

We build customized tools for our ironworkers too, so stop by and tell us about any particular applications you need, and we can work together to solve it.

This year, we're bringing:


Cold Saws

Scotchman is the largest circular cold saw manufacturer in America. Get a glimpse of the metal fabrication industry's future when you see the efficiency of sawing automation. Manual or automatic, these saws are capable of the most precise and accurate cuts you will need.

At this year's FABTECH, we'll have the following cold saws available for you to see:

Automatic Cold Saws

Scotchman CPO 315 HFA-CNC cold sawSee video demonstrations of our automatic cold saws by clicking here.

Manual Cold Saws

SU-280mm Manual Band Saw


Additional Scotchman Products

In addition to our ironworkers and cold saws, we'll have a couple other Scotchman machines at FABTECH. Come learn how much more efficient your shop can become when you swap one of these into your process:

Band saw - SU280G

Grinder/Notcher - AL 100U-02


See You in Las Vegas!

If you aren't already signed up, get yourself registered for this metal fabrication event of the year. FABTECH is a must-see for anyone serious about working with metal.

And did we mention it's in Las Vegas?

Don't forget to pencil Scotchman - at booth C24047 - into your FABTECH gameplan.

Not planning to come to FABTECH 2016? We're sorry to hear that, honestly, but we understand. If you won't be in Las Vegas but still want to see what some of our metal fabricating machines can do, let's hook you up with an on-site demo of the product you're considering.



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