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Metal Fabrication Industry: A Place for Millennials to Succeed

Younger generations are needed for the manufacturing industry to sustain and prosper. At Scotchman Industries, we'd like to encourage more teens and millennials to take the reigns and enter the manufacturing workforce. 

We understand that turning to our youth to guide the industry forward is a must. When the baby boomer generation retires, we'll need to rely on the millennials to keep the manufacturing ship afloat.

"By the year 2025, two million jobs in the manufacturing industry as a whole will be unfilled." - SMC

This shift in the workforce is a benefit to millennial workers. As technology evolves, so does the manufacturing industry. Jobs in manufacturing today require the ability to understand high-level technologies and multitask between processes. Millennials are an excellent fit for this type of work and should embrace the ever-changing manufacturing landscape. 

While the millennials have many great qualities well suited for the industry today, some companies are hesitant to hire them. Employer's believe that millennials perceive manufacturing jobs as unglamorous and boring.

So, how can the manufacturing industry attract a younger generation and inspire them to succeed?

Know What They Value

Millennials want to be fulfilled by their work. Work to them is not all about getting a paycheck; they value the job and want to be challenged. To help them feel validated, offer feedback on their work and positive reinforcement.

We all want to feel like our honest selves during the day-to-day grind. Creating a casual workplace environment to make employees feel comfortable and authentic. Organize team-building exercises or group lunches to spark interactions between co-workers. After all, it's good to step off the manufacturing floor and bond with your teammates. 

It's becoming less and less common for workers today to separate their personal and professional lives. The younger generation wants to feel welcomed and understood. Happy workers equal better work. 

Millennials in Manufacturing Today

Many manufacturing facilities already have a casual culture on the floor. Millennials will find this appealing. And, they'll also find the paychecks appealing too. According to the Industry Week Salary Survey, 87 percent of manufacturing professionals were satisfied with their jobs, and 42 percent were very satisfied. 

Essentially, millennials can get the best of both worlds with a good paying job and a satisfied work experience. As an employer, it's important to change the stigma attached to the manufacturing industry as unglamorous work, and prove to millennials that the manufacturing industry is a welcoming and fulfilling environment. 

At Scotchman Industries, we welcome the younger generation to our metal fabrication manufacturing business, and look forward to teaching and learning from them. To stay up to date on manufacturing industry trends, please subscribe to our blog and receive email updates on future posts! 



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