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Millennials in Manufacturing: How Parents Are Getting In The Way

Millennials in Manufacturing

Mom and Dad mean well and only want what’s best for their kids. But are some parents a bit out of touch when it comes to understanding what a career in manufacturing entails?

According to a recent survey, businesses and organizations that promote manufacturing careers to young people should spend more time reaching out to parents. This is because some parents might not be aware of new innovations in automation and equipment of manufacturing industry present day.

Findings from this survey were compiled and conducted by SME, a non-profit organization promoting advanced manufacturing technology and initiatives to advance new generations of skilled labor.

The Modern Manufacturing Industry of 2016

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SME asked parents across the country to develop an understanding of Mom and Dad’s perception on the manufacturing industry. They determined that over 20% view this field as an “outdated and/or dirty work environment,” and 25% do not believe it to be a well-paying profession.

On top of that, over half of survey respondents do not think of manufacturing as a challenging or engaging field of work.

“The landscape in advanced manufacturing has evolved,” said Jeffrey Krause, CEO of SME. “A serious misconception is that manufacturing is dirty, dark or dangerous; and isn’t seen as an optimal career choice. The reality is far from that.”

Manufacturing offers career opportunities for a variety of education levels in positions like technicians, engineers, designers, programmers, among others. Today, 3D design and computer-aided engineering software attract students who express an interest in non-traditional careers like game design or animatronics.

Due to recent technological advancements, well-paying careers are bountiful in this industry. In fact, the average U.S. manufacturer earns a salary of $77,506.

Besides benefiting the individual, this line of work is also good for the economy. For every $1 spent in manufacturing, another $1.37 is added to the economy at large. For more information on this, look back to our “Made in America” post here.

Another major factor, in the future competitiveness of our country, is talent. We need millennials to take the reins and enter the manufacturing workforce in order for our competitive leads to continue. Within the next ten years, an estimated three and a half million manufacturing jobs will become available. Without talented and skilled workers, roughly two million of those jobs could go unfulfilled.

We Welcome Millennials to the Metal Fabrication Industry

Millennials have the talent and work ethic to embrace the ever-changing manufacturing landscape, while understanding high-level technologies and multitasking between processes. If you have a passion to help this industry grow, inform local educators and community influencers to help us secure a talented and engaged manufacturing workforce for the future.

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