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Millennials in Manufacturing: What Scotchman Does to Kindle the Manufacturing Spark

Millennials in Manufacturing

Scotchman Industries strives to remove any negative stigma surrounding manufacturing as a career for the younger generation. And, we hope to increase the number of millennials entering the industry.

We believe that our metal fabrication manufacturing niche is a place for them to succeed.

For these reasons, we created the Millennials in Manufacturing series on our blog.

Besides spreading valuable information on our blog, we kindle the manufacturing spark for our local millennials by providing scholarship opportunities and gifting our local shop class with Scotchman Industries machinery. Read on to learn more!

Scotchman Industries Scholarship Opportunities

As an American made manufacturer, Scotchman Industries embraces the idea of the younger generation pursuing manufacturing careers. We created two scholarships as an extra incentive.

The Krofam Scholarship is offered to Philip High School students who are attending or planning to attend a South Dakota post-high school educational institution.

The Scotchman Industries Scholarship is for Philip students who are going to a Vo-Tech or trade school in South Dakota for machining or welding. This scholarship is renewable for a second year if the student is still attending school full-time for machining or welding.

Each year, we select two lucky students and award them for their hard work and ambition to pursue higher education. Stay tuned to find out how students may enter to win scholarships in 2017! To learn about our 2016 scholarship winners, please click here.

Besides what we offer, MFG Day & The Manufacturing Institute have a bounty of excellent resources and other scholarship opportunities for students interested in a career in manufacturing. Don’t forget—Manufacturing Day is on October 7, 2016, and we hope you will be celebrating!

Shop Class Equipment & Demos

Since Scotchman was founded in the 1960's, we have been traveling to schools, businesses, and residences to offer on-site demonstrations of ironworkers, cold saws, and more.

The product demo is intended to teach you the value of a machine through hands-on practice. Upon completion of the demo from a Scotchman representative, you will have a better understanding of the ease of use and efficiency that come with the products. This could be the first time some students have ever seen an Ironworker or cold saw.

School budgets are limited, requiring you to allocate each penny carefully. So when you purchase metal fabrication tools for shop class, you need high-quality, long-lasting machinery. We will visit your school and show you exactly what our machines can do.

Want to see a Scotchman in action? You can schedule a visit here.

We Need Millennials in Manufacturing

By 2025, it's predicted that there'll be two million manufacturing jobs that may go unfilled because we won't have a skilled workforce in place as baby boomers retire and as applied advanced technologies require higher capabilities. A shortfall of talent to fill critical manufacturing roles would be devastating to the industry and our overall economy.

To help fill this skilled workforce pipeline, we have to attract youth to pursue advanced manufacturing careers, respond to the inadequacy of training and development opportunities and destroy the perception that a manufacturing job is outdated and dirty. In fact, due to recent technological advancements, well-paying careers are bountiful in this industry.

At Scotchman Industries, we know the millennial generation is uniquely qualified to enter the manufacturing industry and produce American made products. To stay up to date on our Millennials in Manufacturing blog series, please subscribe to our blog and we’ll email you updates on future posts.



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