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Put Your Students to the Test with Scotchman's Weld Coupon Bender

Southeast Tech using new Weld Bender product

Finally, a tool that has been requested for years is now an optional accessory for any Scotchman Ironworker. The Weld Coupon Bender has been designed to fit every Ironworker model, old and new!

Are Your Students Producing Top-Notch Welds?

Schools with welding programs will now be able to put their students’ welds to the ultimate test. By bending their welded coupon, this tool will show the instructor and student if there are weak points in the weld.

Strong Weld
Weak Weld

Photo of Good Bend.jpg

Photo Failed Bend.png

Scotchman's Weld Coupon Bender will provide the assessment that every teacher needs in one accessory tool. If a weld is faulty, the student will be able to see where the mistakes have been made firsthand.

This gives welding students the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and become better all-around welders. 

Order Your Weld Coupon Bender

The Weld Coupon Bender is in-stock and comes with two upper dies: a “V” die and a “U” die. 

When ordering this tool, you
must specify which Ironworker model this is to be used with, to ensure that you get the correct rocker cap. Order yours »

As the world and its markets change and expand, Scotchman Industries continues to grow and adapt.

Adapt your Scotchman ironworker with this weld coupon bender.

Want the 411 on our weld testing tool? 

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