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Scotchman Ironworkers: What Would You Do Without Them?

If you don't own a Scotchman Ironworker, how do you cut, bend or shear metal? The short answer: it's not easy! 

Ironworker Alternatives 

Fabricating metal is a breeze with Scotchman's multi-use ironworkers. If you have a Scotchman, you can punch, shear or bend metal in seconds. You can also switch functions quickly - going from shearing to bending in a just 30 seconds. Versatility makes Scotchman ironworkers a one-of-a-kind machine. The tool table area on each machine is fully customizable, allowing you to adjust to whatever task may come through your shop. Purchase a machine with confidence, knowing it comes with over 150 years of knowledge from our customer service department and ironworker specialists, which is available to answer any and all questions you may have about operating the machine, creating custom tools, performing certain cuts and more.

But if you don't have a Scotchman, what are your metal fabrication options? You may have to employ some of the metal manipulation tricks that were popular before Scotchman ushered in the hydraulic ironworker era



You can cut metal with a torch or a saw, but set some extra time aside for the project. If you are looking for precision cutting - you and your torch or saw may be out of luck, depending on your skill level. Today's Scotchman will precisely shear a one-inch thick piece of metal in four seconds, which makes cutting multiple pieces of metal a breeze. (You can also use a Scotchman circular cold saw for this task). Even if you aren't a skilled machinist, you can learn how to use a Scotchman easily. 


Of course, an old fashioned drill press can drill holes in metal. But did you know that you can punch holes 10 times faster with a Scotchman ironworker? You can also punch 3,000 to 5,000 holes with a $36 Scotchman punch and die set, while a drill bit may get you a few hundred holes before going dull and require a replacement, which costs you time and money. 


Bending metal is no easy task without a Scotchman. Your options are limited. If you have Superman strength, you could try this. Otherwise, using a torch to soften the metal before bending it manually will be your best bet. A Scotchman ironworker will do that job for you in mere seconds! 

See a Scotchman in Action

Are you read to simplify your fabricating process? See a free demo of one of our machines in action. We do in-house demonstrations - for free. 




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