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Why Millennials Should Be in Manufacturing

Millennials in Manufacturing

Unfocused. Entitled. Self-absorbed.

Millennials are perhaps the most misunderstood generation yet. Stereotypical traits (like the three listed above) can sometimes circulate through the thoughts of employers.

However, these three words completely misrepresent Gen-Y.

At Scotchman Industries, we understand the need to rely on millennials to keep the manufacturing industry successful. In order for the manufacturing industry to sustain and prosper, a younger generation of skilled labor is needed.

Manufacturing Work for Millennials

Millennials are the largest demographic group in United States history with over 80 million strong. Their sheer numbers and distinct set of skills and values will help the manufacturing industry grow.

Some millennials may imagine manufacturing as an unglamorous line of work. While career opportunities are fruitful, some Gen-Yers are not aware of what the modern manufacturing industry has become. Here are the five reasons why a career in manufacturing is perfect for a millennial.

1. A career in manufacturing is rewarding.

According to surveys conducted by the Manufacturing Institute, only one-third of parents encourage their kids to work in manufacturing. This industry is full of high-paying and interesting jobs. Manufacturing employees earn a decent wage and benefits. The National Association of Manufacturers determined that the average worker earned $77,506 in 2013.

2. You won’t need an expensive degree to find a job.

No matter which college or university you attend, all students have one thing in common: school is expensive. The vast majority of manufacturing and metal fabrication manufacturing jobs will sometimes require a post-secondary degree or technical credential. Meaning, an expensive four-year degree won’t be necessary.

3. Manufacturing is a worthwhile and purposeful industry.

Millennials desire to be a part of something meaningful. The Gen-Y folks tend to rank passion and praise as higher career traits than salary. To peak their interests, be sure to make your millennial employees understand what the big picture of your company is and how their role contributes to the overall success.

4. Manufacturing is a high-tech industry full of opportunities.

As the digital native generation, they are among the first group of children to grow into adulthood online. Modern manufacturing heavily relies on high-tech applications that come easily to millennials. If you want to impress and attract someone from this generation, inform them of your business’s cutting-edge technology. A company that will integrate new technologies into processes stands out to millennials.

5. Leadership opportunities are abundant.

Teamwork is idea for millennials. In fact, they prefer teamwork to working alone. This preference is useful for a career in manufacturing because manufacturing processes are continually reviewed for improvements. A team focus results in a range of ideas.

The Manufacturing Industry Needs Millennials

Millennials have the talent and work ethic to embrace the ever-changing manufacturing landscape, while understanding high-level technologies and multitasking between processes.

As predicted by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte Consulting, there will be two million unfilled manufacturing jobs in 2025. Keep our tips in mind as we continue to inspire manufacturing leads and build the talented workforce of the 21st century. 

At Scotchman Industries, we welcome the younger generation to our metal fabrication manufacturing business, and look forward to teaching them and learning from them. To stay up to date on our Millennials in Manufacturing blog series, please subscribe to our blog and receive email updates on future posts! 



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