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"Scotchman has exceeded my every expectation. Durability, customer service, and quality are superb. Homegrown business making machines in the U.S.A."
Andrew Petty | Petty Welding
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    Jeanie "The Printmaster" Retires

    Jeanie Waara started her Scotchman career on November 6, 1995. She was hired to fulfill Scotchman’s printing needs. At that time, we printed ...

    John Hart's 45 Years at Scotchman

    No one succeeds in business (or in life, for that matter) without the support from others. All too often they go unrecognized, but their influence ...

    The Legendary John Heltzel Retires after 40 Years!

    Well, it’s official – John Heltzel retired and left us after 40 years of employment at Scotchman. It is different around here now without John ...

    Alvin’s 45 Years of Contribution to Scotchman Industries

    45 years with one company is nothing to shake a stick at! It takes perseverance, dedication, and a come what may attitude. Alvin joined Scotchman ...

    50 Years of Scotchman

    Firmly rooted in tradition with an eye on the future, Scotchman Industries, Inc. is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It’s been half a ...


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